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Thursday, 5 September 2013


VLSI Projects using Spartan3 FPGA Kit (Spartan3AN FPGA Kit / Xilinx ISE / Xilinx EDK)
* A Built-In Repair Analyzer With Optimal Repair Rate for Word-Oriented Memories
* A Clock Control Strategy for Peak Power and RMS Current Reduction Using Path Clustering
* A Computationally Efficient Delay less Frequency-Domain Adaptive Filter Algorithm
* A Linear Programming Based Tone Injection Algorithm for PAPR Reduction of OFDM and Linearly Precoded Systems
* A Low-Complexity Turbo Decoder Architecture for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
* A Low-Cost, Systematic Methodology for Soft Error Robustness of Logic Circuits
* Aliasing-Free Digital Pulse-Width Modulation for Burst-Mode RF Transmitters
* Analysis and Design of a Low-Voltage Low-Power Double-Tail Comparator
* Gate Mapping Automation for Asynchronous NULL Convention Logic Circuits
* Glitch-Free NAND-Based Digitally Controlled Delay-Lines
* IsoNet: Hardware-Based Job Queue Management for Many-Core Architectures
* Area-Delay-Power Efficient Fixed-Point LMS Adaptive Filter with Low Adaptation-Delay
* Broadside and Skewed-Load Tests under Primary Input Constraints
* Built-In Generation of Functional Broadside Tests using a Fixed Hardware Structure
* Design and Implementation of an On-Chip Permutation Network for Multiprocessor System-On-Chip
* Design of Hardware Function Evaluators using Low-Overhead Nonuniform Segmentation with Address Remapping
* Effective and Efficient Approach for Power Reduction by Using Multi-Bit Flip-Flops
* Efficiency Optimization for Burst-Mode Multilevel Radio Frequency Transmitters
* Efficient Implementation of Reconfigurable Warped Digital Filters With Variable Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band pass, and Band stop Responses
* Efficient Power-Analysis-Resistant Dual-Field Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Processor Using Heterogeneous Dual-Processing-Element Architecture
* Efficient VLSI Implementation of Neural Networks With Hyperbolic Tangent Activation Function
* Eliminating Synchronization Latency Using Sequenced Latching
* Error Detection in Majority Logic Decoding of Euclidean Geometry Low Density Parity Check (EG-LDPC) Codes
* Low-Power Area-Efficient High-Speed I/O Circuit Techniques
* Low-Power Digital Signal Processor Architecture for Wireless Sensor Nodes
* Low-Power, High-Throughput, and Low-Area Adaptive FIR Filter Based on Distributed Arithmetic
* Low-Resolution DAC-Driven Linearity Testing of Higher Resolution ADCs Using Polynomial Fitting Measurements
* MDC FFT/IFFT Processor With Variable Length for MIMO-OFDM Systems
* Multivoltage Aware Resistive Open Fault Model
* Oscillation and Transition Tests for Synchronous Sequential Circuits
* Power-Planning-Aware Soft Error Hardening via Selective Voltage Assignment
* RATS: Restoration-Aware Trace Signal Selection for Post-Silicon Validation
* Reduced-Complexity LCC Reed–Solomon Decoder Based on Unified Syndrome Computation
* Reducing the Cost of Implementing Error Correction Codes in Content Addressable Memories
* Smart Reliable Network-on-Chip
* Split-SAR ADCs: Improved Linearity With Power and Speed Optimization
* Spur-Reduction Frequency Synthesizer Exploiting Randomly Selected PFD
* Static Power Reduction Using Variation-Tolerant and Reconfigurable Multi-Mode Power Switches
* The LUT-SR Family of Uniform Random Number Generators for FPGA Architectures
* Theoretical Modeling of Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplier on LUT-Based FPGAs for Area and Speed
* Time-Based All-Digital Technique for Analog Built-in Self-Test
* Two-Tone Phase Delay Control of Center Frequency and Bandwidth in Low-Noise-Amplifier RF Front Ends
* Unique Measurement and Modeling of Total Phase Noise in RF Receiver
* VLSI Implementation of a Multi-Mode Turbo/LDPC Decoder Architecture
* WLS Design of Sparse FIR Digital Filters
* A 10-T SRAM cell with Inbuilt Charge Sharing for Dynamic Power Reduction
* A Current-Starved Inverter-based Differential Amplifier Design for Ultra-Low Power Applications
* A Fast Low-Light Multi-Image Fusion with Online Image Restoration
* A High Performance D-Flip Flop Design with Low Power Clocking System using MTCMOS
* A Low Power Fault Tolerant Reversible Decoder using MOS Transistor
* A Low Power Single Phase Clock Distribution using VLSI technology
* A Novel modulo Adder for 2n-2k-1 Residue Number System
* A Novel Transistor Level Realization of Ultra Low Power High-Speed Adiabatic Vedic Multiplier
* A Topology-Based Model for Railway Train Control Systems
* Achieving Reduced Area by Multi-Bit Flip Flop Design
* An Analysis of SOBEL and GABOR Image Filters for Identifying Fish
* An Efficient Denoising Architecture for Removal of Impulse Noise in Images
* An Efficient High Speed Wallace Tree Multiplier
* An Efficient SQRT Architecture of Carry Select Adder Design by Common Boolean Logic
* An Interactive RFID-based Bracelet for Airport Luggage Tracking System
* Area-Delay Efficient Binary Adders in QCA
* Asynchronous Design of Energy Efficient Full Adder
* Background Subtraction Based on Threshold detection using Modified K-Means Algorithm
* Comparison of Static and Dynamic Printed Organic Shift Registers
* CORDIC based Fast Radix-2 DCT Algorithm
* Design and Implementation of 32 Bit Unsigned Multiplier Using CLAA and CSLA
* Design Flow for Flip-Flop Grouping in Data-Driven Clock Gating
* Design of Digit-Serial FIR Filters: Algorithms, Architectures and a CAD Tool
* Design of High Speed Low Power Viterbi Decoder for TCM System
* Design of Low Energy, High Performance Synchronous and Asynchronous 64-Point FFT
* Design of Low Power Sequential Circuit Using Clocked Pair Shared Flip flop
* FFT Architectures for Real-Valued Signals Based on Radix-2by3 & Radix-2by4 Algorithms
* Fixed-Width Multipliers and Multipliers- Accumulators with Min-Max Approximation Error
* FPGA Implementation of Pipelined Architecture For SPIHT Algorithm
* Hardware Implementation of a Digital Watermarking System for Video Authentication
* High-Throughput Compact Delay-Insensitive Asynchronous NOC Router
* High-Throughput Multi standard Transform Core Supporting MPEG/H.264/VC-1 using Common Sharing Distributed Arithmetic
* Improvement of the Security of Zigbee by a New Chaotic Algorithm
* Least Significant Bit Matching Steganalysis based on Feature Analysis
* Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing
* Low Latency Systolic Montgomery Multiplier for Finite Field Based on Pentanomials
* Low-Complexity Multiplier for GF (2m) based on All-One Polynomials
* Low-Overhead Fault-Tolerance Technique for a Dynamically Reconfigurable Soft-core Processor
* Low-Power Digital Signal Processing Using Approximate Adders
* Memory efficient high-Speed convolution-based generic structure for multilevel 2D DWT
* Modified Gradient Search for Level Set Based Image Segmentation
* Multicarrier Systems based on Multistage Layered IFFT Structure
* Optical Flow Estimation for Flame Detection in Videos
* Parallel AES Encryption Engines for Many-Core Processor Arrays
* Performance Analysis of a New CMOS Output Buffer
* Performance Evaluation of FFT Processor Using Conventional and Vedic Algorithm
* Pipelined Radix-2k Feed forward FFT Architectures
* Prototype of a Fingerprint Based Licensing System For Driving
* Real Time Communication between Multiple FPGA Systems in Multitasking Environment Using RTOS
* Reconfigurable Processor for Binary Image Processing
* Reduction of Leakage Current and Power in Full Subtractor Using MTCMOS Technique
* Reverse Circle Cipher for Personal and Network Security
* RFID-based Location System for Forest Search and Rescue Missions
* RFID-based Tracking System Preventing Trees Extinction and Deforestation
* Satellite Image Enhancement Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Threshold Decomposition Driven Morphological Filter
* Secure Transmission in Downlink Cellular Network with a Cooperative Jammer
* Segmentation and Location of Abnormality in Brain MR Images using Distributed Estimation
* Selective Eigen background for Background Modeling & Subtraction in Crowded Scenes
* Shadow Removal for Background Subtraction Using Illumination Invariant Measures
* Teaching HW/SW Co-Design with a Public Key Cryptography Application
* Test Patterns of Multiple SIC Vectors: Theory and Application in BIST Schemes
* The Security Technology and Tendency of New Energy Vehicle in Future

* VLSI Projects available only with Simulation
* VLSI Projects with Hardware Kit & Simulation - Spartan FPGA 3E KIT
* VLSI Projects with Hardware Kit & Simulation - CPLD XL, XC Cool Runner

* CPLD XL9572 XC Cool runner

* Simulation : MODELSIM 6.3G ALTERA
* Implementation : XILINX ISE 12.2
* Language : VHDL / VERILOG
* Power Estimation : Altera XPE or XILINX Power Analyzer

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